Vivek Ramaswamy claims he can beat a 'wounded' Donald Trump and prosecute America First agenda

October 8, 2023

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy promised voters that he has what it takes to beat a "wounded" Donald Trump and effectively carry on his America First legacy.

Ramaswamy made the promise during a town hall event with SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 host David Webb on Friday.

During the event, Webb asked Ramaswamy, "How do you overcome Donald Trump’s lead and win the GOP primary?"

Ramaswamy responded by saying, "So my heart says we’re going to be successful in this. I have something that he doesn’t. I’m from a different generation. I’m 38 years old,” Ramaswamy said. “Yes, we are in the middle of a sort of war in this country, but I think it will take a Commander-in-Chief and a general who has not yet been wounded in that war."

Rather than setting himself up as an enemy of Trump, Ramaswamy is positioning himself as a successor.

Ramaswamy claimed that he intends to honor Trump's political legacy “every step of the way," a stance that none of the other candidates have taken since the race for the nomination began.

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