Vermont professor's husband writes heartbreaking post about her murder

October 8, 2023

A beloved Vermont State University professor who was fatally shot Thursday afternoon on a trail near campus received a heartbreaking eulogy on social media from her husband.

"The killer delivered one shot -- possibly two -- to the side of her head and walked away. She died instantly," her Pulitzer Prize-winning husband, Ron Powers, posted on Facebook.

"Those of you who knew her know that she was beautifully named. I have never known a more sterling heart and soul than hers. She has taken far more than half my own heart and soul with her," he continued.

Police have not found the person who shot Dr. Honoree Fleming, 77, and killed her even though they are scouring the area.

A witness said a white male, about 5′10″ with dark hair, wearing a dark gray T-shirt and a black backpack, according to Vermont State Police.

"Police believe that it was random, but all possibilities remain open," her husband said.

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