Trump most likely to hand out full-size candy bars at Halloween: Poll

November 1, 2023

While most polls deal with serious questions about likability and policy decisions, one recent poll had a little holiday fun with their respondents.

According to Breitbart, a recent Echelon Insights survey asked its respondents which president, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, would be more generous at Halloween.

"Who do you think would be most likely to give full size candy bars to trick-or-treaters on Halloween?" the survey asked.

Breitbart noted:

The question listed Trump, Biden, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and former Vice President Mike Pence as options.

Not surprisingly, Trump won out, as a plurality at 37% indicated that they believe Trump would be the one handing out full-size candy bars.

Biden managed to grab 24%.

However, Biden managed to win a different category with a plurality of 21% -- a question that asked which person would likely be the one to hand out toothpaste on Hallloween.

Breitbart added:

Following Biden, 15 percent believe Pence is likely to give trick-or-treaters toothpaste, followed by 12 percent who said Trump, eight percent who said DeSantis, six percent who said Christie, and three percent who said Haley.

Social media users reacted to the polls' results, with many agreeing that it was right on the money. Others had fun with the results.

"Malarkey detected. these people clearly don't know about Joe's fondness for sweets. he ain't giving out toothpaste," one X user wrote.

On a serious note, Trump is not only leading in virtually every relevant GOP presidential primary poll, by a lot, but he has also either tied or bested President Biden in hypothetical 2024 matchups. Democrats have reportedly quietly grown increasingly worried about his chances in 2024.

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