Trump labels Romney a 'loser,' predicts defeat in Utah primary

 August 4, 2023

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump labeled Senator Mitt Romney as a "loser" and expressed confidence that the right candidate would defeat him in the upcoming Utah primary.

As per the exclusive interview with Breitbart, Trump criticized Romney, who currently holds a U.S. Senate seat from Utah.

Trump's comments came in response to Romney's recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, where he called for a reduction in the crowded GOP field for 2024 to prevent Trump from securing the nomination again.

Trump's criticism of Romney

Trump did not hold back in his criticism of Romney. He referred to Romney as a "loser," a term he has used for him for a long time. The former president also criticized Romney for marching with Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington, D.C. in 2020.

He mocked Romney for wearing a mask during that particular march and claimed that some of the leftists with whom he was marching were "really bad folks."

Trump further stated that Romney has no respect within the Republican Party and labeled him as a '"terrible Republican." He also claimed that Romney's endorsements for any candidates nationwide are like "Kryptonite," and seriously hurt any Republican running for office.

Trump's prediction for Utah Primary

While Romney has not yet announced whether he will run for reelection in 2024, Trump predicted that if the "right candidate" runs against him, Romney would lose.

Trump expressed his belief that Utah is a "great state" that deserves better than Romney.

In Trump's words, "The right candidate will beat him. It’s a great state. The right candidate will beat him — I think beat him easily."

Impact of Trump's Statements

Trump's statements are likely to stir up the political landscape, especially within the Republican Party. His comments could potentially influence the choice of candidates for the upcoming Utah primary. However, it remains to be seen how Romney and other Republicans will respond to Trump's remarks.

In conclusion, here are the key points:

- Former President Donald Trump has labeled Senator Mitt Romney as a "loser."
- Trump criticized Romney for his actions and his influence within the Republican Party.
- Trump predicted that the right candidate would defeat Romney in the upcoming Utah primary.

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