Trump destroys Biden in Ohio polling, grabs double-digit lead

November 18, 2023

President Joe Biden has taken a load of hits over the past month regarding his polling numbers.

Even worse for the president and the Democratic Party is the fact that he's losing in major polls to former President Donald Trump in hypothetical 2024 matchups and state-level polls.

According to Breitbart, the most recent evidence of Biden's continued decline was an Emerson College/Fox 8 Cleveland poll published last week that showed Trump with a monumental lead over the current president in Ohio.

The poll was nothing short of devastating for Biden, who absolutely needs to win Ohio next year if he wants to win a second term in office.

Trump scored huge, with 50% of respondents backing him for the presidency, and Biden only managing to pull in 38%. That's a disparity that will be hard to come to grips with for the Biden campaign and Democrats in general.

A double-digit lead over the incumbent is a massive head start in a state can play a significant role in who's elected president.

Biden, who continues to struggle with age-related issues, including a general lack of excitement in the Democratic Party coupled with his seemingly non-stop gaffes and senior moments of confusion, managed to only gain a 32% approval rating in Ohio.

Even as Trump faces multiple indictments and a technical possibility of winding up a convicted criminal, he still managed to pull in support for four out of five voters who said they've vote for him regardless.

Perhaps most notably, and again, even worse for Biden, is when third-party candidates are added into the mix. Biden loses the most support -- support he can't afford to lose -- when third-party candidates are included.

Breitbart noted:

When the ballot is expanded to include declared third-party presidential candidates independent Robert Kennedy Jr., Green Party candidate Cornel West, and progressive Jill Stein, Biden loses more support than Trump, whose lead expands.


In recent weeks, speculation has grown as to whether or not the Dem Party will attempt to tag in a substitute in order to stand a greater chance at beating Trump next year.

Many believe that in order to do that it'll have to be someone with substantial name recognition and popularity.

Only time will tell what the Democrats decide, but one thing is for sure: They'll need to make that decision sooner than later.

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