Tesla Suffers First Sales Decline In Years

October 5, 2023

Uh-oh, watch out liberals.

If the Tesla sales numbers are to be believed, Americans might not actually have the appetite for electric vehicles that Democrats have been promising.

I wonder what the explanation behind that was.

Oh, it's because they were LYING!

Liberals NEVER actually thought that Americans were on board with the move to electric vehicles, they just thought they could gaslight us into thinking it was true.

If you think it's so that they could save the environment, their rationale did not add up.

It's so that they could elevate their own interests above those of the average American.

The average American does NOT want an electric vehicle.

They want a reliable gas-powered vehicle, and they want Joe Biden to stop ruining America's energy production.

What do you think about this story?

Will you be switching to an electric vehicle anytime soon, or do you plan on rolling coal for a while?

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