Shocking photo shows stingray tale buried in Florida woman's back

August 27, 2023

A Florida woman who was wading at a beach near Tampa, Florida was stabbed in the back by a stingray, and she woman reportedly believed she was going to die.

The woman, Kristie O'Brien, told local media, "I was trying to stay as calm as I could. But I was certain that I was going to die because, I mean, like everyone has like this picture of Steve Irwin when he literally was punctured in his chest."

Irwin, who was known as the "The Crocodile Hunter," died from loss of blood after his heart was punctured by a stingray in Australia.

O'Brien was extremely lucky as the stingray barb barely missed her lungs, but it still stabbed her four inches deep.

When O'Brien realized what happened, her husband contacted emergency services and paramedics cut the stingray off at the tail. The barb in O'Brien's back wasn't removed until she arrived at the hospital.

O'Brien was also treated for poisoning and other bacterial infections due to the depth of the wound and the stingray's venom. However, it seems she will recover and can walk away from this scary incident with just a scar.

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