Senior advisor to top LA Democrat resigns after cracking anti-Semitic joke about Amy Schumer

October 30, 2023

Anti-Semitism is back on the rise in the wake of the Hamas-led terrorist attacks on Israel earlier this month that left scores of Jewish residents and U.S. citizens dead or severely injured.

Some of the brave few celebrities that have come out in support of Israel have endured a lashing from their anti-Semitic colleagues in the business.

Amy Schumer is one of those celebrities, and she's spoken out on several occasions in defense of Israel and has condemned Hamas for its actions against the Jewish state.

The otherwise extreme liberal actress and comedian was recently mocked in a disgusting manner by a senior advisor to Los Angeles City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez (D). The advisor has now resigned as a result of the repulsive, Holocaust-themed mockery.

Breitbart noted:

Josh Androsky — who is not only a Democrat but also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America — targeted Amy Schumer for mockery on social media for her pro-Israel, anti-Hamas comments in recent days.

The outlet recounted what Androsky said about Schumer, which immediately backfired:

In his X posts, Androsky replied to an anonymous commenter who joked that the comedian was distraught over Hamas’ slaughter of Israelis “due to her experience in the Holocaust,” adding that the Nazis named a concentration camp after her –“Da Cow,” a pun on Dachau.

Androsky replied that “it was actually Cowschwitz,” later adding: “either way, they all (and Amy) smelled the same.”

Social media users uploaded screenshots of the commentary, which would ultimately lead to Androsky losing his career for his horrific remarks.

The response to Androsky's inappropriate joke was swift, including a statement from his boss, Soto-Martinez.

"The social media posts made by my staffer (earlier) were disturbing and reprehensible. With antisemitism on the rise in recent years, and especially in recent weeks, cracking jokes about the Holocaust isn’t just disgusting, it’s dangerous," Soto-Martinez said.

He added, "These antisemitic and misogynistic posts sickened me, and I have accepted his resignation effective immediately."

Other top Democrats in the state criticized Androsky for his anti-Semitic remarks.

Democratic leaders need to continue to condemn such disgusting and dangerous speech, and take action, when appropriate.

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