Senator Rand Paul claims the White House is hiding information about cocaine suspected to belong to Hunter Biden

 July 30, 2023

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sat down for an interview on Thursday with Fox Business Network and stated the Biden administration is either hiding information on the cocaine found inside the White House, or there is a serious security issue that could threaten the president.

During the interview, host Maria Bartiromo asked Paul, "We know cocaine was found at the White House, and then we never heard another word about it after the Secret Service said that they couldn’t find fingerprints and they had nothing from the cameras. Aren’t there cameras all around there in the White House?"

Paul responded by saying, "Yes, we seem to be able to find DNA on a pizza box in a trash can but we have a little bit more difficulty in the White House. No, I suspect they know more than they’re letting on in the White House and then decided they’re not really going to police this. But to me, always the most alarming thing hasn’t been the drug use but the possibility that a white powder could be something much more dangerous to everyone and that being anthrax."

The Biden administration's refusal to be transparent with Americans has many suspecting that the cocaine belonged to a member of the Biden family, namely Hunter Biden, who has a history of drug abuse.

Paul continued saying, "And if you can smuggle powder in, as any sort of, you know, white powder in a bag, I think that that’s alarming, and there should be a dramatic investigation into this. Not just for the punishment from drugs which I think is wrong, but really for the idea that there could have been anthrax taken to the White House. I think we’ve never really treated this seriously as it ought to."

If the Biden administration is to be believed, an individual was able to sneak in illicit powder without the Secret Service being able to find out who it was. Even if that unlikely story is true, that means President Biden is not safe at the White House and serious changes need to be made.