Prince William leaving UK for Singapore to attend 2023 Earthshot Prize awards

October 30, 2023

Prince William has announced he will leave the United Kingdom to travel to Singapore to attend the 2023 Earthshot Prize awards.

The Earthshot Prize was created three years ago by the royal to encourage the development of technology that would “combat global warming and mitigate its impact on the environment."

Ironically, the Prince and a host of celebrities will be flying in for the awards show on their own private jets instead of attending virtually.

Prince William has been working hard to find solutions to climate change. How exactly is he working? Well by flying all over the world in his private jet.

He is yet another member of the world's elite who doesn't seem to understand the irony of asking regular people to think of the environment while he and his kind travel in a way that has more impact on the environment than most have in an entire year.

Star-studded events like the Earthshot Prize awards are another reminder that the climate change movement is an insincere virtue signal that the elite use to make themselves feel better while regular people suffer.

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