Philadelphia convenience store employee shoots and kills would-be robber

October 28, 2023

Crime is out of control in virtually every Democrat-run city -- cities that used to be at the top of most Americans' bucket lists for vacations and sight-seeing.

Philadelphia used to be one of those cities, but with crime so blatant and out-of-control, that has changed.

One example of the insane amount of crime, according to Breitbart, was a recent robbery attempt in Southwest Philadelphia at the Happy Day Food Market, where a robber was attempt to stuff his pants with cash from a cash register.

The outlet noted:

Head Topics reported that the alleged robber, a 28-year-old male with a firearm, entered the Happy Day Food Market around 10:30 p.m., walked behind the counter, and began taking cash from the register.

The alleged robber was wearing gloves and a mask that covered part of his face.

But even as radical progressive prosecutors refuse to tamp down on criminals, especially repeat offenders, there's one last line of defense -- gun-owning, law-abiding citizens.

In this particular case, the robber, reportedly 28, met his maker after a store employee drew his firearm and unloaded, striking the would-be criminal several times.

The would-be robber entered the store with the intention of putting a few bucks in his pocket, and would ultimately end up deceased just 15 minutes later.

"You can clearly see that there’s money on the scene and you can clearly see that at least one of the [alleged robber’s] pockets is stuffed with money," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Small added, "We believe that was the money that he was taking from the cash register during the robbery when he was shot by the store employee."

Social media users reacted to the story, praising the store clerk for shooting the would-be criminal.

"Just made my day! A good guy with a gun…." one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Well I guess that solves the issue."

While criminals in Dem-led cities don't have to worry about much in the way of legal troubles after committing serious crimes, they will always have to worry about the armed citizen who's read to defend their life and property at all costs. That's really the only deterrent left.

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