Mark Levin's latest book skyrockets to NYT bestseller status

September 30, 2023

Fox News personality and conservative radio host Mark Levin is no stranger to success in the publishing world, but his latest work, The Democrat Party Hates America, has almost instantly shot to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, as the Washington Examiner reports.

With this latest release, Levin claims eight such achievements in a row, a feat made all the more impressive given the resistance he has often met from booksellers and chain retailers hostile to his message.

Celebrating the accomplishment while urging fans to help promote the effort even more, Levin took to X (formerly Twitter) to offer words of gratitude and encouragement.

“Thank you, folks! Please spread the word! If you've not jumped in, please do!” Levin began.

Referencing a renowned figure from America's storied past, the conservative firebrand added, “We need as many Thomas Paines as possible, spreading the truth one person at a time! This is how we inspire and motivate a new movement to push back against the eradication of our country, and the party responsible for it – the Democrat Party!”

“After you read it, please pass it on to someone else!” Levin concluded.

Noting that the book's swift ascension to the bestseller ranks was sure to rankle liberals everywhere – particularly at the Times, Levin joked, “I am sure they're grinding their teeth over there.”

As Fox News explained, Levin recently went into detail about the book's thesis when he was interviewed on his own program, Life, Liberty & Levin by network colleague Pete Hegseth.

In discussing Levin's work, Hegseth premised the discussion by suggesting that while many voters likely assume that they know the values and philosophy of the Democrats, there is a more sinister and alarming history just under the surface that includes shameful examples of the worst kind of racism from party heroes such as Woodrow Wilson.

Articulating what he views as the promise of America, Levin declared, “We can create an environment where we can have law and order, where we can have a civil society, where people can flourish if we emphasize liberty and an economic system that works with liberty, capitalism, if we recognize sovereignty and a culture and assimilation into that culture.”

However, according to Levin, “We're now living in a society where nobody talks about liberty – where they trash our history, they rewrite our history that the Democrat Party has essentially devoured the culture.”

The message appears to be resonating with large segments of the population, given early sales numbers, but that did not come without significant obstacles to distribution of Levin's latest treatise.

In August, retail giant Target informed Levin's publisher, Simon & Schuster, that it would not carry the new book upon its Sept. 19 release, as the Daily Mail noted at the time.

Once Levin let his legions of fans and supporters know of the decision, a firestorm ensued, and Target was all but forced to make a rapid course correction and state that it would, indeed, offer the book after all, prompting the author to muse, “The thing about free speech and market capitalism is that they are fantastic and crucial variables to a free society,” adding, “[c]orporations need to know that while they're free to do these things...we, the people, are free to respond.”

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