Joe Biden says he is 'sick and tired; of Republicans' political strategy

 October 2, 2023

President Biden said that he was "sick and tired" of the Republican Party's "brinkmanship," expressing his concerns as he signed the continuing resolution passed by the House and the Senate to fund the government.

Biden claimed that "MAGA extremists" in the Republican Party almost caused a government shutdown. Those supposed extremists, or as regular Americans call them, fiscal conservatives, did manage to score some big wins.

Congress now has 45 extra days to pass an annual appropriations bill to fund the government through the next year.

Republicans want to cut spending because of the nation's massive debt and out-of-control inflation. Many also want to cut military aid to Ukraine. as those billions could be better spent tackling crises on the homefront.

Unfortunately for Democrats, this fight isn't over. Republicans are holding firm and could well shut down the government if spending cuts aren't enacted.

Essentially, this continuing resolution has kicked the can down the road, and Democrats are going to be forced to capitulate eventually.