Jewish Man Victim Of Hate Crime By Palestinian Gang

 November 10, 2023

A Jewish man has spent four days in a hospital after he was brutally attacked in Sydney, Australia, by a gang of pro-Palestinian supporters.

Newspapers out of Australia have reported that the incident took place in broad daylight at a children's playground.

The attack happened on what was usually a quiet suburban street.

Hate can do terrible things to people, that's why horrific things sometimes occur  in seemingly peaceful areas like this.

The Jewish man reportedly took down a flyer advertising a pro-Palestine rally that had already taken place.

The victim felt that since the event had passed, it wasn't a big deal to take the poster down.

Some pro-Palestine individuals were watching this and thought that the man was acting out of racism.

So, they proceeded to beat him nearly to death.

The man spent four days in the hospital, and police are investigating.

Please, don't let this type of hate spread to America like liberals want it to.