Hunter Biden threatened with testifying before Congress if he doesn't produce leaked documents

September 8, 2023

House Republicans investigating the Biden family said Wednesday in a letter to Hunter Biden that he would have to testify about leaked court documents related to his now-defunct plea deal if he refused to provide the documents to them as requested.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith (R-MO) demanded to see the information, which was leaked to the New York Times and Politico and no longer qualifies for being confidential.

"Given that these disclosures have been made to two media outlets and this information has been widely publicized, no basis exists to withhold these documents and communications from the Committees, including on the basis of any purported duty of confidentiality, work product, or other privilege interest,” the chairmen wrote.

“Should you refuse to provide the Committee with the requested information because of any purported privilege, the Committee may need to seek testimony from you and/or Hunter Biden regarding the disclosure of these documents and communications,” they added.

The Times reported that the DOJ had planned to let Hunter Biden completely off the hook for any wrongdoing he may have ever done until two whistleblowers came forward to expose the coverup.

Politico reported that Hunter Biden's lawyers threatened the DOJ that they would have to put President Joe Biden on the stand if they did charge Hunter with anything.

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