Georgia Correctional Officer Killed At State Prison

October 3, 2023

A convicted murderer serving time in a Georgia state prison has allegedly killed again.

This time, the victim was a correctional officer at the prison where the murderer was serving time.

Officer Robert Clark, 42, was escorting two inmates from the dining hall at Smith State Prison.

One of them, identified as Layton Lester, took that opportunity to assault the officer from behind with a homemade weapon.

The other inmate, identified as Marko Willingham, attempted to step in and help the officer, but Lester turned the weapon on his fellow inmate and assaulted him as well.

Officer Robert Clark and Marko Willingham were both rushed to a local hospital, where Clark died from his injuries.

"Today we join the public safety community in mourning the loss of Corrections Officer Robert Clark," Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, announced. "Please join us in praying for his family, loved ones, and the Georgia Department of Corrections at this time."

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