Former Israel PM says Gaza 'got everything they wanted'

November 8, 2023

Former Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett fought back against MSNBC talking points on Gaza Monday, saying that the territory "got everything they wanted" and that any ceasefire talk is a "double standard."

The left has accused Israel of "genocide" and killing civilians unnecessarily even though 1,000 Hamas terrorists based in Gaza attacked Israeli territory unprovoked on October 7 and killed 1,400 and abducted over 200.

"Imagine if America, instead of Mexico, had a state of al Qaeda, with 240 American hostages, including babies, there, and this al Qaeda state entered Florida and raped women and murdered parents in front of their children, and vice versa and burnt them, would anyone ask America to cease fire against this al Qaeda state?" Bennett asked.

He reminded his hosts that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 in acquiescence to demands for a two-state solution, but that Hamas took over and hasn't held elections since.

"They had the chance to form the Palestinian state that everyone’s talking about. No one stopped them. They have beautiful beaches and beautiful weather, and they dedicated those 17 years to shooting rockets at us, and to killing us, so would you try it again?" he asked.

They got everything they wanted," Bennett said. "Would you try that again? Would you experiment again after what they did? I can tell you that Israelis left and right, there’s consensus, no one wants to try experiments, dangerous experiments, again."

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