Dershowitz calls attempts to get Trump off 2024 ballot 'grave danger' to Constitution

By Jen Krausz on
 August 24, 2023

Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus and Fox News contributor Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday that if activist groups succeed in keeping former President Donald Trump off the 2024 presidential ballot, it will be a "grave danger" to the Constitution.

"That's a grave danger to our Constitution, and if that happens, I think I can be called out of retirement and be counted on to take an active role in preventing that injustice from occurring to all Americans," Dershowitz said.

The reason he is against groups using the 3rd and 14th Amendments to attempt to prevent Trump's candidacy is that it gives government entities too much power about who is president.

"It would put the decision about who the president is in the hands of local Secretaries of State and Democratic governors, instead of in the hands of the people," he continued. "That's the most dangerous threat currently that Donald Trump faces because it doesn't even require a conviction for some secretaries of state to take them off the ballot."

Trump faces four indictments, two federal and two at the state level, but has not been convicted of any crimes.

Dershowitz has criticized all of the indictments as legally dubious and beneath a former president.