Democrat Raskin blames Hunter Biden for payouts, says Joe not involved

By Jen Krausz on
 August 9, 2023

Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD) argued on Cuomo on Monday that Hunter Biden was to blame for all of the suspicious payments going to members of the Biden family, and that President Joe Biden was not involved.

In what is sure to be the new Democrat talking points on the matter, Raskin said, “I think Hunter Biden was obviously trying to divert the different kinds of money that he had coming in. That’s my best understanding of that situation. Again, none of it touches President Biden.”

Raskin's comments conveniently ignore the substance of the business deals Hunter made. What goods or services was he providing?

Hunter had nothing to offer these foreign companies besides access to his father, what Devon Archer called "the brand." This doesn't seem to occur to Chris Cuomo, who seemed confused and didn't know what to think, either.

Raskin also tried to say that if the president had not been accused of corruption until now, he probably wasn't guilty of it.

This reasoning is also suspect, because reports are that Biden began his influence-peddling efforts when he was vice president and thought he would be retiring from politics.