Conservatives react to Trump return to X platform with mug shot

By Jen Krausz on
 August 27, 2023

Conservatives reacted strongly to former President Donald Trump's return to X, formerly Twitter, by posting his mugshot from a Fulton County arrest and booking on Thursday.

Trump's mugshot was not really needed since guidelines say they are only required if the person is not well-known and wouldn't be recognized.

Still, the liberals who indicted him just had to get one, and now it's plastered all over X because conservatives are sharing it, commenting on it, and making it into memes.

It's already iconic after less than a week.

Numerous commentators said the mugshot was a "rallying cry" and a "badge of honor" and compared Trump's to ones taken of famous political prisoners like Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr.

While Trump may not be in the league of those men, he is being persecuted unfairly, as Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies try to take down the president's chief political rival at the moment with spurious charges that don't rise to the level that they're trying to make them sound (participating in an insurrection, trying to overturn an election, etc.).