Comer Vows Subpoenas For Joe Biden And Hunter Biden

November 7, 2023

House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) is making a BIG promise to Americans.

It's one that is SO big, it's going to cause a LOT of disappointment if the congressman doesn't come through.

No pressure, James.

Comer has promised America that a subpoena for Joe Biden is coming, along with one for Hunter Biden.

If he isn't able to deliver, Americans are going to be VERY disappointed.

Luckily, Comer doesn't seem to think we have to worry about that. He said to Fox News' Maria Bartiromo:

We have always planned on calling on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to testify. This has been a painful process. We have been obstructed. We have been fought at every turn, not just by the Bidens’ big-money attorneys but also by the federal government. The IRS has obstructed. The DOJ has obstructed. The Treasury has obstructed. FBI has obstructed. And the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have pretty much been the Biden legal defense team. But, through it all, we have followed the money. We have done this the right way. We have subpoenaed bank accounts. And now we have enough bank accounts, Maria, where we can actually trace the money.

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