Legendary College Basketball Coach Bobby Knight Passes Away At Age 83

 November 2, 2023

Well, I can say this with absolute certainty.

There will NEVER be another college coach like Bobby Knight.

Hopefully ever, if you ask some of his former players.

There's only one word to truly describe Knight:


How much do you value winning?

That was a question that leaders at every school that ever hired Bobby Knight asked themselves at one point or another.

As legendary as Knight was at racking up wins in the NCAA, he was also as legendary at racking up violations.

Despite having won the fifth-most tally of basketball games in NCAA history with 903, that doesn't mean Knight was respected by everyone associated with the game.

Trouble seemed to follow Knight both on and off the court, as evidenced by his time coaching the Indiana Hoosiers.

Sure, he won a national championship, but he also threw chairs, faced numerous scandals, and was eventually forced out.

Fans at Indiana lost him once.

Now they just lost him again.