Biden gets confused (again) at Arlington wreath-laying

November 13, 2023

President Joe Biden is just not all there anymore, and a simple wreath-laying ceremony is the latest example of his diminished capacity.

Biden needed the help of an Arlington honor guard member during his annual wreath-laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier on Veteran's Day.

He couldn't get the wreath onto the hook without help, but that wasn't even the worst of it.

Biden also turned to leave the ceremony but wasn't sure that was what he was supposed to do. He faltered and went back to the wreath, and the honor guard soldier had to point to Vice President Kamala Harris to show him that he should go stand next to her.

Keep in mind that this ceremony is meant to be solemn and quiet to show reverence for soldiers who died serving their country, and Biden kind of ruined it because he is so mentally diminished.

Anyone who has spent time with Alzheimer's and dementia patients can see the similarities, and yet he remains the president because his party will not do the right thing and remove him.

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