Biden Absent From New Hampshire Primary Ballot

November 2, 2023

President Joe Biden is protesting the Democratic National Commitee's primary calendar.

Biden wants the primaries to start in South Carolina, and he's not even going to put himself on the ballot in any state that tries to have their primaries prior to the one in the Palmetto State.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has told America that his state will hold the first primary, whether Joe Biden likes it or not. He said:

We're the first primary. There's no doubt about it. Joe Biden tried to move the primary out of New Hampshire to South Carolina. It didn't work. The Iowa Democrats thought about trying to take it and put a primary in Iowa. That didn't work. We're first. We're going first. That's all there is. Joe Biden won't be on the ballot. But here's the newsflash to Joe Biden - Nobody cares.

Nobody really cares that Joe Biden is not on the ballot. There's not some giant clambering wing of the Democrat Party saying I wish I could vote for Biden in the New Hampshire primary. They're moving on. They've given up on him. They're moving on. I think Dean Phillips has a huge opportunity here to just crack the Democrat Party wide open. Now, that's going to happen, whether it happens with Dean Phillips in New Hampshire, whether it happens at the convention or somewhere in between.

I never thought I would see it, but it appears that Biden is officially off the ballot at least in some states.

Could this cause Joe to lose the nomination? Or are you confident that he is safe?

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