Barbra Streisand Shares Secret She Learned From Judy Garland

November 8, 2023

America never knew this.

Suddenly, after the release of Barbra Streisand's new memoir, My Name is Barbra, America caught a glimpse of one of our heroes we had never seen before:

Namely, Judy Garland.

Streisand's book recently shared a little information about Garland, best known for starring in The Wizard of Oz, and it was something that fans of both actresses probably never heard before.

Garland and Streisand performed together on The Judy Garland Show back in 1963.

The media wanted to see some hostility between the two good-looking gals, but there wasn't any.

So, the media made it up.

Streisand now says that Garland taught her to handle the unfairness in a way that she will NEVER forget.

"People were looking for some sort of rivalry between us," Streisand said. "And when they couldn’t find anything, they made it up."

"I found Judy to be completely generous," Streisand added. "We sang a medley of songs, taking turns, and she wasn’t just focused on herself. She watched me and responded to me. She would reach out and brush back a strand of my hair, like a mother."

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