Zuckerberg May Soon Make More Job Cuts At Facebook

 February 18, 2023

A number of employees at Facebook's parent company, Meta, are reportedly counting on more job cuts at Mark Zuckerberg's social media empire, after reports surfaced that the latest round of employee performance reviews at Facebook resulted in thousands of workers receiving subpar ratings.

It's not sure whether the employees deserved the poor ratings, or Zuck just wanted something else to blame for firing a bunch of people besides his own greed, but the writing is on the wall.

The Wall Street Journal is speculating that the recent reviews, as well as Zuckerberg's demand that 2023 be a "year of efficiency" at the company, are an indicator that mass job cuts are coming soon.

After all, America has become wise to Zuckerberg's plan to take over the world.

Facebook has seen sign ups dropping recently as people either give up social media totally or at least try to migrate to more scrupulous platforms.

Advertisers are doing the same, meaning that Mark Zuckerberg might not be making the profit margins he once was.

Regardless of the reason, cuts are probably coming.