Facebook accused of website 'scraping' despite publicly slamming practice

 February 4, 2023

Do as the left says, not as they do.

Whether it's the federal government, the news media, or social networks... they all think they're above us.

Mark Zuckerberg is the same as Nancy Pelosi getting her haircut without a mask during the pandemic while making it illegal for all of us do the same.

Mark Zuckerberg is the same as Steph Curry claiming he cares about minorities and those less fortunate at the same time he was writing letters to his city to keep people under a certain income level out of his neighborhood.

Do as they say, not as they do.

The hot topic now is "scraping." You don't have to know what that term specifically means, you just need to know that Facebook spent tons of time and money to make sure that other websites wouldn't be allowed to do it.

And guess what they were doing the entire time.

You guessed it.


Do as they say, not as they do.