Zelensky sends message to McCarthy following speaker vote, warns Ukraine is counting on him

 January 9, 2023

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) after becoming the speaker of the House of Representatives and reminded him that Ukraine's war effort is relying on American support.

Zelensky took to Twitter on Friday to say, "Congratulations to [Kevin McCarrthy] on his election as the Speaker of the [United States] House of Representatives. U.S. support in all fields has been vital for [Ukraine’s] success on the battlefield. We’re counting on your continued support and further U.S. assistance to bring our common victory closer."

McCarthy's ascension to the speaker of the House was extraordinary and could have an impact on Congress's continued support of Ukraine.

It took 15 votes for McCarthy to finally get the Republican votes that he needed and he had to give up massive concessions to ultra-conservative Republican Representatives.

It is possible that among those concessions would be working to reduce the billions of dollars being funneled to Ukraine.

While opposing Russia may be geopolitically in our interests, the nation's finances make supporting Ukraine untenable. With an impending economic collapse on the horizon, Speaker McCarthy may look to cut off the funds flowing to Ukraine.