Woman thought to be sleeping on plane was actually dead

By Jen Krausz on
 September 24, 2023

A 73-year-old woman flying from London, England to Nice, France on British Airways -- who the other passengers thought was sleeping -- was actually dead, as officials discovered when the flight landed.

The elderly woman apparently had a heart attack mid-flight, and emergency personnel could not revive her after the plane landed.

Passengers became frightened when the woman didn't move at all when the flight touched down, and everyone picked up their bags to get off the plane.

British Airways confirmed to the Daily Mail that “sadly, a customer passed away on a flight from London Heathrow to Nice.”

The last time anyone died on an otherwise uneventful plane flight was in June, when a 25-year-old British man died when he dropped his inhaler during an asthma attack on the way to New York City.

The crew of the plane tried to give him CPR and oxygen, but he died anyway.