Woman dies at 36 after falling off treadmill at LA Fitness in Washington State

August 3, 2023

In a bizarre occurrence, a 36-year-old woman died in Washington State on July 21 after she fell off a treadmill while working out at an LA Fitness location.

Marissa Woods, sister of Delrie Rosario, was there working out with Rosario when she collapsed and hit her head on the treadmill in the middle of the workout.

"She tried to slow the machine down. I thought maybe she just missed a step. She just collapsed, [and] hit her head on the machine," Woods said.

Woods said other gym patrons tried to help Rosario, but she was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Rosario had four children, and Woods said she was always a mom first.

"Always everything she did was for kids. She worked so hard for kids," Woods said.

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