Woman Convicted In Murder Plot Dodges Prison

Jaclyn Edison pleaded guilty to conspiracy to attempt capital murder.

Yet she's not going to prison.

That's what happens when George Soros is picking who your district attorneys are.

Edison was sentenced to ten years' probation for hiring two hitmen to kill her then-husband's father.

The woman's husband and the two hit men all received 35 years in prison each.

Edison herself received zero.

Austin Police Retired Officers Association President Dennis Farris revealed what a joke that really is, saying:

She should have gotten the same thing they got. They literally are just as guilty, she’s just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger.

"In the close to half a century that I’ve worked with criminal law as a prosecutor and a defense attorney … I have never seen anything like this," attorney Steve Brittain said. "I can’t put it together in my mind, and I just don’t understand it."

Surely all three of the men didn't pull the trigger at the same time, so why did they all get such harsh sentences while Jaclyn gets to walk free?