Witnesses swear in affidavit that Nikki Haley cheated on husband multiple times

 January 21, 2024

Nikki Haley was caught lying during her gubernatorial campaign in 2008 about multiple extramarital affairs, according to recent reporting.

Witnesses came forward to the Daily Mail after Haley denied the affairs, saying that her activities were an open secret among South Carolina politicos.

The two witnesses, Will Folks, 49, and Larry Marchant, 61, signed affidavits in 2010 that they had affairs with Haley when she was a South Carolina lawmaker and before she became the state's governor.

Haley denied those accusations, saying she was "100% faithful" to her husband of 28 years, Michael Haley, with whom she shares two children with. Michael Haley served in the South Carolina Army National Guard and spent time in Afghanistan on deployment.

The sworn affidavits from Folks and Marchant are backed up by statements from multiple GOP insiders in South Carolina who stated that Nikki Haley was far from careful, as she would often be seen in her lovers' laps at bars and had steamy encounters in the back of her SUV.

Haley is as inauthentic as it comes, from her politics to her family life. While Trump certainly is no saint in his personal life, Haley's brazen disrespect towards the father of her children demonstrates a lot about her character.