Wisconsin Supreme Court justice will not seek re-election

 April 12, 2024

Wisconsin's longest-serving member of its Supreme Court announced on April 11 that she would not run for reelection next spring, shaking up a very important race in a swing state and improving the odds that conservatives can retake the control they lost in 2023.

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has served on the court for almost 30 years but is ready to be done.

She explained that she is "confident someone who shares her judicial philosophy can replace her after she completes her term."cheese-filled state but also to the rest of America

However, the unexpected nature of her retirement may actually result in a very chaotic race that liberals are not guaranteed to win.

Wisconsin's Supreme Court is extremely important not just to the state filled with cheese but to the rest of America as well.

Wisconsin is an important swing state to the 2024 election, so ALL of America will be interested to see how this shakes out.

Who knows how this retirement could impact both the election this year and life in Wisconsin in general moving forward.