Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Laments Decision To Redraw Maps

 December 26, 2023

At least one conservative justice in Wisconsin is not happy with the state Supreme Court's recent decision to redraw the state's congressional map.

The conservative judge is accusing liberal counterparts of overturning the current boundaries in order to get new ones that are more beneficial to Democrats in the 2024 elections.

Wisconsin's Supreme Court recently ruled along ideological lines to redraw the state's congressional map.

The 4-3 decision meant that there were three judges who didn't agree with the decision.

One of them in the dissent was Justice Rebecca Bradley.

"With its first opinion as an openly progressive faction, the members of the majority shed their robes, usurp the prerogatives of the legislature, and deliver the spoils to their preferred political party," she said. "These handmaidens of the Democratic Party trample the rule of law, dishonor the institution of the judiciary, and undermine democracy."

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