Wisconsin Supreme Court Flips Liberal In New 4-3 Majority

August 29, 2023

Both in terms of the presidential election and control of America's Senate, Wisconsin is a MASSIVELY important state.

It's one of those like Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan that ALWAYS seem to be able to go either way.

For the time being, Republicans just lost their advantage there.

What was once a winning scenario for conservatives is now a 4-3 advantage for Democrats.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is officially liberal, now that Janet Protasiewicz has begun her 10-year-term on the bench.

Protasiewicz could spell disaster for everything Republicans are hoping to accomplish in the state.

Take gun control, for example. Protasiewicz takes tons of money from hardline gun control organization Everytown, which now expects her to rule against the Second Amendment in the state.

Protasiewicz was able to win in part because of millions and millions of dollars of leftwing dark money that poured in from out of state to fund her campaign.

I shudder to think about the types of people she owes favors.

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