White House Tries To Shrug Off Biden Polling Numbers

 August 18, 2023

Officials at the White House aren't allowing Joe Biden's dismal poll numbers to dampen their spirits.

Why worry about facts and figures when you can just lie to the American people?

Amazingly, despite Biden being underwater on virtually every single issue, the White House doesn't think it's his fault.

Instead, they're just blaming "political partisanship."

CNN host Bianna Golodryga had this to say to White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jared Bernstein:

As I mentioned, the president’s approval rating for the economy overall, 37%, 51% of Americans say the economy is getting worse. Given everything that we opened this segment with, how do you justify these numbers and what is the administration doing wrong not to see a better outlook from the American public overall?

Bernstein responded, "Well, first of all, let’s talk about a few numbers that are associated with some things you just heard Secretary Yellen talk about. So, job satisfaction is at a 36-year high. That’s from a series that begins in 1987, so the highest on record. If we look at consumer sentiment, if we look at consumer confidence, they’re actually up two-year or close to two-year highs. Certainly, as you’ve mentioned, inflation has come down. But look, the American people have been through a ton, and we also know that there’s a whole lot of political partisanship out there. What we’re trying to do is keep our heads down, explain to folks the kinds of progress we’ve made."

He concluded by saying that "we are just now starting to see the kinds of savings that I think will register in people’s consciousness and begin to change some of those numbers. And in fact, as I just suggested, some of that change is underway."