White House secret surveillance program gives law enforcement access to trillions of phone records

By Jen Krausz on
 November 28, 2023

New concerns have arisen about a secretive White House surveillance program that allows law enforcement access to trillions of American phone records, even if no one has been accused of a crime.

Wired broke the story about the program, known as Data Analytical Services (DAS), which partners with AT&T to access the records.

DAS has tracked over a billion records a year for the last decade. It used to be called "Hemisphere."

Using network analysis, the program focuses on the connections of suspects, which often include innocent bystanders.

Because the White House oversees the program, it is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

There is evidence that police are using this program to go after people who are not suspected of crimes, which is an abuse of the program.