White House Covering For Biden After He Caved On Talks With McCarthy

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continues with her shenanigans in dodging hard questions and putting a hedge of protection around incompetent President Joe Biden.

This week, Jean-Pierre made an effort to reposition Biden’s recent decision to negotiate with Republicans on raising the debt ceiling as a summit between opposing "visions."

"Biden finally requested that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy negotiate the debt limit to avoid default during a scheduled meeting on May 9, a move that contradicted the White House’s previous official position," reported Breitbart.

However, in a confusing move, Jean-Pierre told reporters Biden’s position has not changed.

"I wouldn’t read much into it," she said. "It is clear that the only practical path to avoid default is for Congress to suspend the debt limit without conditions."

Jean-Pierre then suggested the meeting will have two parts: a negotiation on the budget as well as a side dialogue.

The press secretary added that there will not be a negotiation about raising the debt limit.

"During his meeting with the leaders, the president will discuss initiating a separate process to address the budget and appropriations," Jean-Pierre said.

"The president is not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling. We’ve been very clear. That is not going to change. He’s willing to have a separate conversation about their spending," Jean-Pierre added.

"This is up to Congress to act," the press secretary said. "When it comes to the debt, Congress must act."

Reporters then asked Jean-Pierre if the White House would be in favor of a short-term deal to raise the debt ceiling.

"We are not going to negotiate in public," she answered. "The president reached out after analyzing what they [House Republicans] put forth and we’re going to have the president meeting with them next week."

This leaves Americans wondering if Biden spoke out of turn in setting up the meeting with McCarthy, because we all know, Biden is not really in charge and cannot be trusted to conduct such conversations.