White House growing frustrated with Biden's polling

 December 25, 2023

President Joe Biden's chances of winning reelection are looking slimmer by the day.

That can be seen and felt, from low polling numbers to frustration in the streets regarding the astronomical prices voters are still paying for groceries, energy, and everything else necessary to live a normal life.

In a recent piece from The Hill, the outlet noted that "frustrations" are growing within the White House regarding Biden's low polling numbers, "despite a growing economy."

Surely, they can't be shocked -- no reasonable person can say that they feel the "economy is growing" right now when grocery and gas bills continue to drain our bank accounts on a daily basis.

The Hill noted:

Biden saw his approval rating hit a new low of 34 percent in a Monmouth University poll released Monday. Days prior, a Wall Street Journal poll showed Biden at 37 percent approval rating.

And that's just one of many polls telling the same story -- but not a surprising one. Voters are frustrated, plain and simple. How can they expect anyone, Republican, independent or Democrat, to feel like another four years of the Biden administration would be a good thing for the country?

Biden is also losing support, rapidly, of young voters, especially as the Israel-Hamas war continues to unfold. He's lost support from minority voting blocs, too -- all creating the perfect storm of absolute failure.

The Hill pointed out another problem for Biden:

Some have suggested Biden 81, is having trouble convincing a key part of the Democratic base that it should have faith in his leadership after various disappointments, ranging from student loans to rising rents and mortgage prices.

The outlet reported that the Biden team within the White House is working overtime, bringing in advisers and others to determine the best way to push his messaging and convince voters that everything's ok.

In other words, they're desperately trying to figure out how to gaslight the country into believing that things are normal and that another term of Biden's disastrous, country-wrecking policies would be a fun time for all.

"The meetings are intended to discuss messaging on his age and his accomplishments. There has been concern among his inner circle that the messaging has not been strong or consistent enough to break through with the public," a Biden ally reportedly said, according to The Hill.

If you laughed after reading that sentence, you're not to be blamed. The fact that people honestly believe that Biden's downfall is simply a matter of inconsistent messaging is extremely laughable.

Good luck selling America on that. We're not stupid.

The only shot the DNC has at winning next year is a last-minute candidate swap, but time is running out for that to be a viable option. Only time will tell.