White House goes to war with Fox News reporter over Joe Biden's lack of urgency about debt ceiling deal

 May 21, 2023

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Fox News Channel's White House correspondent Peter Doocy went to war with each other over President Joe Biden's lack of urgency and the Biden administration's absence from the debt ceiling negotiations.

Doocy opened by asking "What was [Biden] doing for the last several hours while they were in these meetings?" Biden is in Japan attending the G7 Summit right now and would need to participate in negotiations via online methods.

Jean-Pierre responded by saying, "Well, they were having conversations, right. They were on the Hill, the negotiators… How would he be updated if they're still having conversations on the Hill? It just ended moments ago."

She then stated, "Look, Peter, we're going to give the space to these negotiators -- the time and the space -- to have these conversations. I'm just going to keep going." Obviously, Jean-Pierre wasn't interested in talking about the debt ceiling negotiations.

The White House has so far refused to negotiate with Republicans who are demanding spending cuts in return for raising the debt ceiling. Considering the stakes of a debt default, it's worth wondering why President Biden even left for Japan in the first place.

The consequences of a default would be massive, and President Biden should be here negotiating and making a deal with Republicans. Instead, Biden is missing in action while refusing to make any deals with the Republican House.