White House doxxes special force operators in photo with Biden

October 22, 2023

President Joe Biden visited Israel this week and during that trip he visited U.S. Special Forces members, and the event went according to plan until the White House published photos with the operators' faces exposed.

The official White House Instagram page has a massive 7.6 million followers, and there is no doubt that hostile entities monitor all government social media pages.

The White House failed to censor or blur the operators' faces or obscure any identifying tattoos.

This mistake has exposed the members' identities and jeopardized their ability to operate in the Middle East as the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas intensifies.

By the time the mistake was pointed out, the post had been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. The White House issued a statement saying, "As soon as this was brought to our attention, we immediately deleted the photo. We regret the error and any issues this may have caused."

This embarrassing and likely dangerous mistake should cost someone their job.

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