White House Defends Decision To Hide Hunter Biden Flight Information

 December 22, 2023

For some reason, the White House is defending its lack of transparency about Hunter Biden.

It's really enough to make a person sick at this point.

Everyone in America knows that the whole Biden family is playing dirty.

It seems like there have been a half dozen of them abusing Joe Biden's position of power and name value for literally decades, and the scheme has officially reached the very top of America's government now that the big guy is our president.

Today, we're talking about when and where Joe Biden's criminal son, Hunter Biden, was on board Air Force One and Marine One.

For some reason, the official logs have been wiped of much of Hunter Biden's data.

Few recall such actions as standard practice, but now the White House is claiming that it has never kept logs on when the first family was on board official aircraft.

"That's something that we've never done," White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked if there were records kept of when Hunter Biden was on board Air Force One. "This is the family. The family gets to travel with the president, and that's been the case with every other president. And so it's not something that we've done or we would be doing moving forward."