What Happened In White House's Jack Smith Meetings?

 August 31, 2023

In case you've been distracted by whatever garbage liberals are trying to focus your attention on, let me tell you about the absolute biggest story in recent memory that much of America's lamestream media is currently ignoring:

Jack Smith and the White House colluded to try to take down Donald Trump.

Weeks before Smith unleashed another baloney indictment against Trump, he sent at least one of his people to conduct secret meetings in the White House with at least one member of Joe Biden's staff.

This isn't secondhand information; it's lifted straight from the White House visitors' log.

But what wasn't in that visitors' log?

The reason why Smith's people were visiting. The description column was left mysteriously blank.

I wonder why.

Could it have been because Biden's people were illegally colluding with Jack Smith's people?

You're not stupid. You know that is EXACTLY what happened. We all know that's exactly what happened. The federal government just likes to pretend that we don't.