Weiss Was Only Person Considered To Be Special Counsel in Hunter Biden probe

September 21, 2023

David Weiss was the ONLY individual considered for special counsel status in Hunter Biden's case.

This is despite the fact that Weiss had a chummy relationship with Hunter's brother, Beau Biden.

This is also despite the fact that Weiss already almost let Hunter Biden walk away with a sweetheart plea deal earlier this year.

This is despite the fact that he allowed the statute of limitations on serious tax allegations to lapse.

If one didn't know any better, one might just suspect that Weiss didn't actually want Hunter Biden to face any consequences.

Attorney General Merrick Garland recently admitted that nobody other than Weiss had ever been considered to serve as special counsel in Hunter's case.

That's despite the fact that Weiss doesn't seem to want to see Hunter face justice.

"I thought about the possibility of what the consequences would be both of not appointing him and trying to find somebody else at that time, but there was no other," Garland said.

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