Weaponization of justice comes back to bite Biden, Dershowitz says

By Jen Krausz on
 January 16, 2023

Harvard Law Emeritus Professor and Breitbart contributor Alan Dershowitz argued on Sunday that President Joe Biden has fallen victim to his own weaponization of justice as the public and officials seek to sort out the issue of him having classified documents from his days as vice president in an office and one of his residences.

"Everyone knows that President Biden will not be indicated for classified material showing up in various locations," Dershowitz wrote, but said that appointing special prosecutors in the case of Biden and former President Donald Trump is evidence that justice has been weaponized.

He argued that Congress is the proper authority to investigate the breaches and tighten up rules so things are workable again.

"Special prosecutors are supposed to determine whether their target should be indicted and prosecuted. We can be fairly certain that the end result of these investigations will be decisions not to prosecute either Biden or Trump," he said.

Now Biden and Trump (and their supporters) are throwing accusations at each other about who was worse, he said.

"That is what the tit-for-tat weaponization of justice has done," he concluded. "We are all the poorer for it."