Watchdog report finds over 40,000 federal employees repeatedly failed to file federal tax returns

 March 12, 2023

A federal watchdog report has found that a massive 42,000 federal employees were flagged as "federal employee non-filers" by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, but the IRS has yet to do anything about the problem.

As it turns out, the greatest number of tax dodgers appear to be working in the federal government all while the IRS continues to hound regular Americans working in the private sector.

The Inspector General stated, "Repeatedly not filing a tax return when a taxpayer is required to do so is a brazen form of noncompliance. Federal civilian employees with tax delinquencies have a legal and ethical requirement to be current with their tax obligations."

Instead of tackling that problem, the Biden administration has been busy trying to spy on any American bank account containing more than $600.

Thankfully, Republicans shut that plan down, but it shows where the Biden administration's priorities are.

The divisions in our society have been starkly illustrated by this bombshell report. Federal employees are brazenly dodging taxes by the thousands, but Biden wants to go after regular Americans and their accounts.