WATCH: Chinese President ATTACKS Canada's Justin Trudeau

November 17, 2022

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being untrustworthy with information relating to a recent conversation between the two.

"Xi lectured and threatened Trudeau for leaking details of a previous conversation to the media in a remarkable on-camera encounter at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia," reported Breitbart.

"Everything we said has been leaked to the papers. That’s not appropriate. That’s not the way the conversation was conducted," Xi told Trudeau in the short and uncomfortable exchange.

"If you are sincere, we should communicate with each other in a respectful manner, otherwise it will be hard to say what the result will be like," Xi said.

"Well I do believe in free and open and frank dialogue we will continue to have," Trudeau said to Xi. "And we will continue to work constructively together. But there will be things we will disagree on and we will have to–"

Xi cut him off by saying "Let’s create the conditions first."

"Xi was haranguing Trudeau over a brief, unscheduled conversation they had at a reception on Tuesday. Relations between China and Canada are strained, so Xi had no formal meeting with Trudeau on his agenda for the G20 summit. Trudeau managed to get a few informal minutes with Xi at the reception to get around the snub," reported Breitbart.

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