Washington Governor Jay Inslee announces he will not seek another term

Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) announced on Monday that his time in office will conclude after his third term ends in 2024.

Inslee is a staunch progressive and touted his record saying, "During a decade of dynamic change, we’ve made Washington a beacon for progress for the nation."

Now Inslee is moving on, although where he will go remains to be seen. Inslee launched a presidential campaign in 2020 but gained no real traction, and it looks like his career is limited to the state level.

More likely than not, his successor will be another Democrat, as Washington hasn't had a Republican governor since 1985, when John Spellman held the office nearly forty years ago.

Prominent Washington Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Land Commissioner Hilary Franz have publicly expressed interest in succeeding Inslee in 2024.

While Republicans have little chance of stealing the Governor's mansion, it is worth trying after years of inept Democrat rule and a collapsing economy.