Washington Examiner pushes for Biden, Trump to be replaced

 January 13, 2024

Many on both sides of the political aisle believe that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump should not be repeating the 2020 election.

That's the Washington Examiner's take. In a recent editorial, the outlet made it clear that it's of the opinion that both Biden and Trump should be replaced.

The outlet first briefly noted that it's probably too late to replace President Biden, barring some unforeseen medical event, which they note is not out of the realm of possibility.

"The Democrats are stuck with the most unpopular incumbent president since modern polling began," the outlet wrote.

Then it moved on to bashing Trump, calling him "a toxic and divisive leader incapable of building an effective Republican Party that can win enough elections down the ballot to create an effective governing coalition."

The Examiner noted:

The case against Trump is clear, but here is a quick recap. He is nearly as old as Biden (Trump is 77 to Biden’s 81) and at least as unpopular. When Trump last became the party’s leader, Republicans lost the House, Senate, and then the White House. Republicans also lost control of more governors’ mansions and more state legislatures. He said we’d get tired of winning but instead all conservatives should be sick of losing.

Predictably, the Examiner doted on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, the only two viable Republicans left in the race against Trump.

The two GOP candidates, who trail by a country mile in most polls to Trump, were described as "highly capable," even suggesting the two should run on the same ticket.

Several paragraphs of pro-DeSantis speak made it clear where the Examiner stands as far as the GOP primary is concerned.

It failed to point out the embarrassing presidential campaign he and his team have run so far, complete with unprecedented staff turnover.

The Examiner seemed more than happy to choose Haley.

Haley would bring a strong balance to a Republican ticket. She has the foreign policy experience DeSantis lacks and a clear and compelling understanding of America’s place in the world. She could make strong inroads into the college-educated suburban communities that Trump has sent running to the Democratic Party.

While both DeSantis and Haley are both skilled politicians capable of the job, the problem -- also omitted from the piece -- is that clearly, most Americans simply do not want them.

The polls are clear -- they want Trump. And there's nothing they can do about that.

Unless something insanely unpredictable happens, Trump is the guy for 2024.