Voters Unsure About Joe Biden's Future

 January 14, 2023

If you asked America to predict what's going to happen to Joe Biden, you're probably not going to get a consensus.

A Rasmussen Reports survey recently proved exactly that. Voters were asked if it was more likely for Biden to win reelection in 2024, be defeated by a Republican in 2024, or be impeached before that election gets here.

The results were almost exactly split. Just 13% believed Biden would be impeached and removed before the 2024 election. The rest were split as close as can be: 38% believe Biden will win in 2024, while 27% believe he will be defeated by a Republican.

According to Rasmussen Reports:

The survey of 1,000 U.S. Likely Voters was conducted on January 2-4, 2023 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Although there is little variation among racial categories in expectations for Biden’s – 39% of whites, 37% of black voters and 35% of other minorities think it’s more likely he will be reelected in 2024 – significantly more black voters (19%) than whites (12%) or other minorities (11%) believe it is more likely Biden will be impeached.

More men (42%) than women voters (34%) say Biden’s reelection is the more likely outcome, while more women voters (15%) than men (10%) see impeachment as more likely.